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As an advanced Injector and national trainer with over 30 years’ experience in the health and wellness industry, Donna provides a combination approach technique that provides exceptional and natural results. A profound medical professional that has trained with some of the Elite in the Aesthetic industry including Dr. Rajani, Her following spans near and far and her patients come to her for a real transformation. She uses her background in anesthesiology to ensure that you are comfortable during your treatment to maximize your experience at Artisan Face and Body. As a Master at using the cannula, our clients get the celebrity treatments they want, with less bleeding and less downtime. 

We offer the most popular and trending procedures as well as “new and coming” combined therapies Donna has created and launched while traveling as a national trainer for the American Institute of Aesthetic Medicine (AIAM). 

We pride ourselves on using the latest science when it comes to your treatments. The stimulating world of regenerative medicine is progressively researching and making great progress in accelerating the body’s ability to repair and rebuild damaged tissues, which includes aesthetic medicine, such as aging skin and hair loss.

PDO Thread Lifting


Skin Tightening with Nova Threads

These patented, USA-made PDO threads are endorsed and highly recommended by opinion leaders and experts throughout the aesthetic field.

PDO which stands for Polydioxanone, is used for biomedical applications, particularly in cardiothoracic surgery because it is fully absorbed by hydrolysis within 4-6 months and doesn’t create any scar tissue.

The use of Blood Concentrates and the power of platelets is becoming more and more popular in the cosmetic industry. Donna is skilled in this next-generation regenerative practice and has partnered with many of her peers in experimenting with combination therapies.

Your blood contains four ingredients: red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and plasma.

Dermal Stem Cell Treatments-PRF

(Platelet Rich Fibrin)

Liquid and Gel

Hair Loss

Replacement Therapy

We can’t resurrect the dead follicles but we can stimulate and strengthen dormant and weak follicles using your own stem cells.

Commonly referred to as Collagen Induction Therapy, this innovative procedure improves overall complexion, fine lines, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. This is achieved through automated micro-needling, which creates microscopic holes in the skin that stimulate a natural healing ability and replaces damaged tissue with new tissue and collagen.

Collagen Induction

Therapy (CIT)

Fat Cell

Reduction Kybella

The first and only fat-dissolving injection to reduce the unwanted fullness under the chin. With little to no downtime, this treatment works by killing fat cells and stimulating the body’s natural inflammatory processes.

Donnas had extensive experience with all current available fillers on the market. She is internationally recognized for her innovative combination techniques and training style.



Wrinkle and

fine line relaxers

Everyone has their favorite!

From Dysport to Botox and Daxxify, we have the right one for you

A great way to correct, maintain and prevent damage to the skin and its dermal layer.


Chemical Peels

Micro Channeling

Dermal Infusion

Aquagold Fine Touch is a great skin treatment that is a customized recipe to smooth and plump your skin leaving it hydrated and radiant.

Procell is like the I-phone 14 of the Micro-needling world; it offers more for collagen induction.

Top of the line, clean supplements, to help you look and feel your best starting from the inside.

Medical Grade


Medical Grade


Protect your aesthetic investment with a medical brand of skincare that won’t fail you.