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Donna Gonzalez, APRN

Graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master of Science in Anesthesiology, Donna Gonzalez is not only an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and Nurse Anesthetist, but a skilled and experienced advanced aesthetic practitioner.  Proudly, she is also a national trainer of aesthetics with the American Institute of Aesthetic Medicine (AIAM).

More than 20 years ago, Donna graduated nursing school with honors and began her career as a trauma and ICU specialist at Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital and Doctor’s Hospital in Coral Gables. She worked closely with some of the country’s finest doctors, surgeons and nurses.

These colleagues include some of the most prominent oral maxillofacial surgeons as well as nationally recognized plastic surgeons.

Always thirsting for more knowledge, Donna, broadened her scope of nursing practice to incorporate neuroscience and post anesthesia care. It wasn’t long before she found herself enrolled in one of the finest nurse anesthesia programs in the country and graduated as a nurse anesthetist.  Subsequent training and practice in neuroscience and anesthesiology afforded her the ability to work with aesthetics for medical treatments, which later blossomed into cosmetic aesthetics. 

The culmination of her educational background and clinical experience has given Donna the opportunity to implement theoretical and practical experience in creatively combining the art and science of aesthetic treatments to her repertoire. In many circles “DG” is known as “the cannula  queen”, for using a highly skilled technique to minimize bruising, bleeding and overall downtime and for “The DG Method” which showcases her combination aesthetic techniques that she has created and developed.

Donna’s focus and passion is completely on the field of aesthetic medicine. It is her belief that both men and women of all ages deserve to look their best, whether it be for cosmetic reasons or sometimes even medical. Donna understands aesthetic medicine at a cellular level to combine therapies with the latest skin rejuvenating techniques providing naturally beautiful results that are  reproducible with each treatment! Take note that treatments are not exclusive to the face but to the body as well! DG’s results are achieved by utilizing any combination of wrinkle relaxers, dermal fillers, PDO threads, Stem Cell and Fibrin therapy (PRF/PRP), collagen stimulation therapy (CST), skin brightening and resurfacing with laser therapy and the use of medical grade  cosmeceuticals…let us not forget skillful technique and expert knowledge!

Notable Recognitions:

Kelly Woodruff

As an accomplished Aesthetics professional, Kelly’s passion for beauty and aesthetics first lead her to an executive role for one of the largest global cosmetic brands. At an early age she knew that aesthetic perceptions evoke positive emotions; beauty makes us happy! She wanted to help people feel and look their best while still working in the medical aspect of it. As a business leader for one of the most coveted brands, she was appointed to their beauty advisory board where she was able to dive deep into the science and research behind the company. In 2003, she moved to Florida from Madison, Wisconsin to made an industry leap into plastic surgery and aesthetics. The global aesthetic market was booming and the growing focus on physical appearance increased the demand for procedures. While working along one of the most highly acclaimed plastic surgeons in the industry, Kelly found professional success at a high level, creating and opening one of the first Medi-spa practices in the state. It made it’s first million in 8 months. With Lasers and injectable fillers on the rise and medical spa’s popping up she knew it was her calling and natural fit to transition into the consulting medical field for plastics and aesthetics.

With over 20 years’ experience in the medical industry, she has successfully opened and consulted a multitude of practices, which included opening her own in 2020. While travel has always been exciting, her goal has always been to have the ability to spend more time with her family verses commuting. In 2023, she had the opportunity to leave the Tampa market and partner with Artisan Face and Body in Dunedin. She has always had a love for Dunedin and it is so exciting to be in such a beautiful space so close to home! Kelly’s mission is to balance her family-oriented life with the passion to make a real difference in her professional career. She uses her talents to give back to the community, and has volunteered her time to a variety of local non-profit organizations. Kelly enjoys spending time with her husband Sean, a mathematics professor, her 9 year old daughter Riley and her dog Baxter.